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For as much as we tout the performance and power of our many vehicles at Jack Burford Chevy, the ability to quickly stop your vehicle isn’t something to be overlooked. Yet, you’d be amazed how frequently drivers ignore the care for their brakes, which can often indicate future problems for their cars as well. At Jack Burford Chevy, our Chevy- and ASE-certified team of service professionals understands the specific nature of your braking system, and will work with only the finest Chevy-certified parts and practices to ensure that your car stops just as it should.

Modern braking systems are made up of a number of parts that play into its overall mission, and if any of these parts fail, they can quickly affect other parts as well. That’s why, when a driver visits Jack Burford Chevy for their brake service, they’ll get a thorough examination of their vehicle, depending on what type of brakes their car has. We’ll look at brake pads (or shoes), rotors (or drums), calipers, bushings and more. We’ll also make certain that your fluids and master cylinder are working properly, which ensures that the hydraulic pressure is getting where it’s meant to without interference.

Each brake service appointment at Jack Burford Chevy employs only the best Chevy-certified OEM parts, and we look forward to providing your vehicle with the brake service that it deserves. Schedule your brake service appointment near Richmond and Lexington, KY today!

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Brake Service Specials and Coupons near Lexington, KY

When brakes begin acting up, there are all sorts of symptoms that may creep up for a driver. So, is your brake light coming on? Have you noticed that your brake fluid is low, or that it appears to be milky or dirty? Maybe you sometimes hear a grinding or squealing sound when you apply pressure to the brake pedal? Or is there a hesitation when you apply the brakes, or you notice that the car is pulled in one direction when brakes are pressed?

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, then it’s probably time to schedule your brake service. Fortunately for you, we offer various coupons and service specials on brake service, which helps to offset the costs that are associated with your brake repair. We look forward to your visit to Jack Burford Chevy, and are happy to provide brake service to drivers near Lexington, Richmond and Nicholasville, KY!