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How to Program a Chevy Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener opening a residential garage door.

Richmond, KY drivers who own a new Chevrolet vehicle may be enjoying one of their more enviable features: the Chevy HomeLink Garage Door Opener. If you’re still wondering how to use this technology to make your Berea commute easier, the service center at Jack Burford Chevrolet has a handy guide below!

How to Program a Chevy Garage Door Opener: First Time Instructions

So, you’ve got a new Chevy for your Winchester and Irvine drives, and you want to use the HomeLink Garage Door Opener to make things easy on yourself. Here’s how to first program this helpful feature:

  • Battery Check and Ignition: You’ll want to make sure your remote control transmitter has a good battery. Now, turn on your Chevy while your car is parked facing the garage.
  • Find and Press HomeLink Control Buttons: These buttons are usually in your visor, rear-view mirror, or your overhead console. Press the HomeLink button and the corresponding remote control button while the remote is 1-3 inches away from the HomeLink button.
  • Wait until the light changes: The light will either go solid or blink rapidly. If it’s solid, then you’re ready to finish the setup process!
  • Press the HomeLink Button Button Twice to Activate: These steps should make your Garage Door Opener work! If it doesn’t, this means there is a rolling code system that requires a few more steps.

How to Program a Chevy Garage Door Opener: Rolling Code Indicator

Don’t fret if your HomeLink system is blinking rapidly on the first try — you’ll be able to hit the Lexington roads soon by performing some simple steps.

  • Find the “Learn” or “Smart” Button on your Garage Door Motor: Most Somerset garages will have this button near the antenna wire on the back of the motor.
  • Press the “Learn” Button Twice then the HomeLink Button Three Times: You’ll have 30 seconds to perform this action, so don’t be too slow!
  • Repeat the Same Process with your other HomeLink Buttons: This should complete the process!

Now you’re finished, and you can use the HomeLink system to speed up your Nicholasville commute!

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