Sell Your Car in Richmond, KY

Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to sell your car in Richmond, Kentucky? Our team here at Jack Burford Chevrolet can help. We offer fair prices for many vehicles, and our straightforward sales process helps you complete the transaction in no time. Once you’ve sold us your car, you can explore our range of new and used vehicles to find your next Chevy.

When it comes time to sell your car, one of the most frustrating things can be the time it takes. By the time you’ve advertised your vehicle and set up meetings with interested buyers, several weeks can go by. Our car sales process at Jack Burford Chevy takes all the hassle out of selling your car.

What’s My Car Worth

To get started, you can fill out our trade in value estimator. It’ll give you a rough estimate of what your vehicle is worth based on the information you provide, including its make, model, age, and condition. If you think the offer sounds fair, you can move to the next stage and arrange to bring your vehicle to our dealership. When you stop by, one of our service team members will give your car, truck, or SUV a quick inspection to ensure everything’s in good working order.

After the inspection is taken care of, we can make you a firm offer to buy your car. As you can see, the whole process can be taken care of in a day or two, and you’re now free to put the money generated from your vehicle sale toward purchasing a new one.

One important thing to remember is that the quotes we offer are always obligation-free. If you’re not happy with the price we’re offering, you can decline the offer at any time and sell your vehicle elsewhere. We believe that a fair deal has to be freely accepted by both parties.

Why sell your car to an auto dealership

Selling your car to an auto dealership rather than on the private market has several benefits. First and foremost, as we’ve explained, the entire process is much easier. You don’t have to do the legwork of finding buyers, arranging meetings that fall through, or negotiating with a stranger about the financial arrangements to conclude the deal. Instead, you can do business with a company that buys and sells cars regularly and handles payments professionally.

Another bonus is the convenience of selling your old car and buying a new one at the same place. We all have extremely busy lives, so what could be better than stopping in at a dealership’s showroom, getting your existing vehicle off your hands, and sitting behind the wheel of a new ride straight away? You can be back on the road in an hour or two with all the paperwork taken care of.

Finally, there’s the advantage of big savings on your next vehicle purchase. When you trade in your vehicle at a dealership, you can opt to get credit for its value and use it towards your next purchase, which can save you thousands of dollars. The savings could help you upgrade to a higher trim with more luxuries or even a larger vehicle to better suit your family.

Why choose Jack Burford Chevrolet

Selling your car to us at Jack Burford Chevrolet will bring you all the benefits we’ve just described and many more. Our helpful finance team can handle all the paperwork related to your sale, along with paying off any outstanding balances on existing loans.

For example, if you’re selling us a financed vehicle, part of the sales price can be put toward settling your loan balance, and the rest can be used as a credit for your next vehicle purchase. If your car is worth less than your remaining loan balance, we can also discuss rolling over the remaining balance into your new car loan so that you have only one monthly payment to worry about.

Once you’ve sold your car, we’ve got a great range of new Chevy cars, crossovers, and trucks for you to explore. If you’re looking for a sedan for city driving or your daily commute, there’s the Chevy Malibu. Drivers requiring something with a little more power under the hood should check out the Camaro sports car. If SUVs are more your style, we have a full lineup ranging from the compact Equinox and Trailblazer, through the mid-size Travis, to the large Suburban and Tahoe.

We also have various Silverado 1500 models in our Kentucky showroom for truck fans. Silverados with four-wheel drive, towing packages, V-8 engines, and more are on offer. For those of you who want a more compact pickup, you can check out the Chevy Colorado. To make sure you get the best deal on our new vehicles, be sure to check out our new vehicle specials and Chevy incentives.

You also can take the sale price of your old car and apply the proceeds to one of our pre-owned vehicles. Our used car selection includes vehicles from Chevy and many other popular automakers. If you’re looking for more security and protection with your used car purchase, you should consider our certified pre-owned Chevy vehicles. These pickups, sedans, and crossovers go through a more rigorous quality check than other used vehicles to ensure they’re in first-rate condition.

As you can see, there are many great advantages to selling your car in Richmond to Jack Burford Chevrolet. If you have any questions about the sales process, our finance offers, or our vehicle inventory, feel free to contact us. Our sales and finance teams will be delighted to help you explore your options and respond to any concerns. We can also arrange a test drive for you in any of our new or used vehicles so you can see how they perform before you commit to a purchase.