How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Checking oil level on dipstick

How long does an oil change take vs. how long should an oil change take; these are two very different questions. While most oil changes should take under an hour to complete when you visit an auto service & repair center with expert technicians like our service center at Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc., how long an oil change will actually take can vary depending on several factors, like how busy it is where you go, what kind of car you drive, and how much oil it takes. Learn more below, or contact us anytime with additional car service questions!



How Long Does a DIY Oil Change Take in Richmond?

How long does an oil change take if you’re doing it yourself? Again, the amount can vary, probably even more so than when a professional service center changes your oil. Why? When you change your oil yourself, your experience level will have a huge impact on how long it takes. What’s more, keep in mind that an oil change requires:


  • New oil
  • A new oil filter
  • A new oil filter gasket
  • A rubber mallet
  • Correctly-sized wrenches
  • A jack
  • Wheel blocks
  • An oil catch pan


In addition to the above, once you change your oil, you’ll have to dispose of the oil in an environmentally friendly way since it is a pollutant, so you should factor in the time and effort required to do so as well. Why change your oil yourself? If you’re proficient at it, it can save you money. For the vast majority of Lexington and Winchester drivers though, likely you included, getting your oil changed by a pro is well worth it.

How Long Should I Wait Between Oil Changes?

Not sure how long you should wait between oil changes? That answer has some variation as well, and it’s usually measured more in mileage than months or years, though if you’re a low mileage driver, you should get your oil change twice annually:


  • It used to be recommended to get oil changes every 3,000 miles — but today, most new Chevrolet cars only need oil changes every 5,000 – 7,500 miles. Some vehicles can even go 10,000 miles or more between oil changes! Always check your owner’s manual for a specific oil change interval for your vehicle.
  • Our service specials page has oil change coupons and other discounted services to check out that could save you money.
  • Does your car require synthetic oil, or is using conventional oil okay? You’ll want to figure that out! Your owner’s manual should have that information. Synthetic oil usually costs more, but it shouldn’t affect the time required for an oil change.

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