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What is Tire Rotation?

Chevy Mechanic Working on Tires


To prevent your tires from wearing unevenly and shortening their lifespan, it’s important to schedule regular tire rotation service. But, what exactly does it mean to get your tires rotated? On top of allowing you to maintain traction on Lexington roads, a rotation can prevent blowouts and improve your fuel economy. Learn more about what a tire rotation is—and what the proper tire rotation pattern is—from the service center at Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc..



What is a Tire Rotation?

As you may be able to guess, a tire rotation is when you move the tires on your vehicle to new positions. However, the pattern in which you rotate them can vary depending on the drivetrain configuration of your vehicle. But, what is the proper tire rotation pattern? For vehicles with a FWD system, the front tires move directly back, while the rear tires move forward and switch sides.

What is the proper tire rotation pattern for RWD systems? The opposite pattern can be performed: move the rear tires directly to the front, and move the front tires to the back whole switching sides.

Now that you know what tire rotation and balance is, here are some tire care tips to keep in mind:

  • Since most vehicles tend to carry more weight in the front, the front tires tend to wear out faster. However, It’s important to follow the proper tire rotation pattern, as recommended for your Chevrolet vehicle. That’s because your drivetrain also affects how fast—and nowhere—your tire treads will wear down.
  • Take front-wheel drive vehicles, for example. Because all of the engine power is sent to the front axle on your trips around Winchester, the front tires will wear even more quickly than they would on rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Following the proper rotation pattern ensures that each tire reaches its expected lifespan.

Benefits of a Tire Rotation

  • Maintains Traction: Properly rotated tires help your vehicle to maintain smooth performance around London. As your tires wear and lose their tread depth, rotation prevents you from losing the traction needed to properly control your vehicle on the road.
  • Prevents Blowouts: Frequent tire care also gives you peace of mind during your trips through Irvine, as it lessens the likelihood of a dangerous tire blowout.
  • Improves Performance: Whether you’re taking on your daily commute or weekend adventure through Richmond, don’t let your tires hold back your performance potential. Uneven tires can produce vibrations that can be felt through your steering wheel.
  • Maximizes Efficiency: Worn tires can also affect your efficiency by creating drag, straining your engine, and increasing fuel consumption.

Trust Your Tire Care to Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc.!

It’s recommended that you perform a tire rotation every six months or 5,000 miles to 8,000 miles. Maintain your thrilling performance around Lexington and schedule your next service online.

You may also have seen tire rotation service offers that include “balancing.” What is tire rotation and balance service? Wheel balancing is a separate service that only needs to be performed on an as-needed basis. If you have any questions about other tire care tips or when to schedule wheel balancing, don’t hesitate to contact us! Be sure to take advantage of our service offers, so you can also save on your next service visit to Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc..


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