When Was Chevrolet Founded?

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When a Richmond, KY or Berea driver buys a new Chevrolet vehicle, they are taking part in a storied history of auto manufacturing. On November 3, 1911, Louis C. Chevrolet and William C. Durrant founded the Chevrolet Motor Company in Detroit. 

Since its founding, the Chevrolet Motor Company has risen to remarkable heights; its name is now synonymous with quality American manufacturing. Learn more about who founded Chevrolet and other fascinating historical details with Jack Burford Chevrolet!

Who Founded Chevrolet? 

The namesake of Chevrolet, Louis C. Chevrolet, got his start as a race car driver in Switzerland. Throughout his life, he complimented his skills as a driver with remarkable engineering expertise, allowing him to found a company that still has its eye on innovative performance. 

The other person who founded Chevrolet, William C. Durrant, was also the founder of a company that has been intertwined with Chevy vehicles from the beginning: General Motors. Having left GM for Chevrolet, Durrant won back leadership of his former company in 1918. He was soon ousted by Alfred Sloan in 1919. 

The Chevy Logo: Origins 

There’s no doubt you’ve seen the iconic bowtie logo on cars around Winchester and Irvine. Beyond the question, “When was Chevrolet founded?”, lies another interesting one: when was the logo established? First produced on the aptly-named Royal Mail,H Series Baby Grand, and Light Six L Series in 1914, the logo has a few competing origin stories.

  • One theory is that Durrant was inspired to make the logo based upon the chic design of the wallpaper in his French hotel room. 
  • Another theory argues that the logo is based upon the logo of the contemporaneous Coalettes Coal Company.
  • A final theory appeals to the founder’s Swiss origins, as it resembles the Swiss cross.

The Story of the First Chevrolet Vehicle 

If you’re looking for a Silverado 2500 truck for tough jobs in Lexington or the fuel-efficient Equinox for your Somerset commute, you might want to hear about the first ever Chevy that was produced! The Series C Classic Chevy was drawn up by founder Louis C. Chevrolet with the help of Etienne Planche. Spectators at the New York Auto Show of 1913 were the first to feast their eyes on a Chevy model!

Be a Part of History with Jack Burford Chevrolet 

Now if anyone asks you,”When was Chevrolet founded?”, you can answer! Like many Nicholasville and Richmond, KY drivers, the folks at Jack Burford Chevrolet love knowing the history of their cars. You can find out more by contacting us or exploring our new vehicle specials

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