How Long Does It Take to Sell My Car in Kentucky?

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If you’re considering selling your vehicle, there are more ways to go about it than ever. Whether you live in Richmond, Pennyroyal Plateau, or Jackson Purchase, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed wondering where to begin or how long it might take. Our team here at Jack Burford Chevrolet has put together this guide for how to sell a car quickly in Kentucky, including what steps you need to take so you can get a great offer without hiccups.

Sell My Car

Average Time and Requirements for Selling a Car

How long does it take to sell my car in Kentucky

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Some cars sell faster than others for various reasons. Considering the wide variety of vehicles, buyers, sellers, and markets, it takes, on average, around 35 days for an individual to sell a car in the United States. Apart from waiting for a buyer and engaging in back-and-forth negotiations, there are a few things you’ll need to sell your car, including:

  • The vehicle title certificate
  • The Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer, or the TC 96-3 form, when selling to a non-resident.
  • The Odometer Disclosure Statement, or the TC 96-5 form, to record mileage upon the ownership transfer.
  • The Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration, or the TC 96-182 form, for titles manufactured before the year 2000.

If the buyer is out of state, you’ll need to transfer the vehicle to them within 15 days of the sale. Finally, you’ll need to take the plates off the car before giving the vehicle to the new owner so you can use them for your next car. Failing to do so could lead to liability issues.

Methods for Selling a Car in Kentucky

When deciding how to sell your car in Kentucky, it’s important to balance a quick sale and a good deal. Let’s go over some of the most common options available.

Selling Privately Offline

Naturally, selling your car through a private connection can make you feel independent; however, your personal life and circumstances can affect your success. It’s difficult to say how long it will take since everyone selling a car has a different social circle to draw on. The vehicle you’re selling and what you expect from the deal are also factors to consider.

If you ask people around your workplace, your home, or places you go to unwind on the weekends, you may not need to deal with strangers in a massive marketplace. If you’re not in a hurry to sell your car, you can take the time to get a fair deal. Of course, the downside with this method is that your success depends entirely on who you know and how much time you have. After pursuing this option for a while, people usually try one of the other two options.

Selling Online With Car Buying Sites

Many online platforms claim to remove all the hassles of selling a car. After entering your vehicle information, you can create a posting for buyers to see that includes a few pictures of your vehicle. You’ll need cash to cover the fees for selling online and driving around to meet potential buyers. You may also need to pay administrative charges, such as a recurring fee, to keep your car on a listing site.

If no issues arise, selling your car online shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks. Remember that a buyer’s final offer may be lower once they inspect the car if you fail to describe flaws when you create the vehicle posting.

Selling to a Dealership

Taking your car to a trusted, experienced dealership gives you a much higher chance of getting a fair market rate or better. Even if you don’t plan on trading in your car, some dealerships will still buy your vehicle at the price they quote after inspecting it. Selling at a dealership can happen quickly, perhaps within a day, if you deliver it for an inspection, although the average time from contact to sale is usually about a week. Jack Burford Chevrolet is here for you when you’re ready to sell your car, and we’ll work at your pace.

Why a Dealership Is the Best Place To Sell Your Car

Who doesn’t like getting the best deal they can? If you have the time and patience, you may be able to find a good buyer, so privately selling your vehicle may seem enticing. But it’s also important to consider how valuable your time is and the risks you may face in dealing with a bad buyer.

Fast and Honest Process

Dealerships continually add vehicles to the lot because of how quickly inventory moves. So, you may not need to wait long to get a fair market price for your car. At Jack Burford Chevrolet, we value our customers and our reputation. Contact us today, and we may be able to buy your car the day you bring it in.

Business Scale, Personal Customer Approach

At Jack Burford Chevrolet, our inventory includes the best collection of highly desired Chevy vehicles, so you’re sure to find the right model. More importantly, we’ll listen carefully. Unlike generic dealerships eager to buy your car as soon as possible, we won’t pressure you, waste your time, or move you to new sales associates randomly. You can sell your car and buy a new one at your pace.

Well-Staffed Service Center

There are many benefits to having a dealership as your go-to place for automotive service. With a fully staffed and certified workshop, a dealership can take care of any necessary repairs and maintenance your vehicle needs, including potential recalls or warranty-related issues, to have it ready to sell. You may be able to get a Chevy service special to fix any pressing concerns with your car before you sell it, boosting its value so you can get more.

Sell Your Car Your Way at Jack Burford Chevrolet

When you pick Jack Burford Chevrolet, the top-rated Chevy dealership in Richmond, Kentucky, you’ll have access to the best financing experts, inventory, and service center in the area. You’ll have everything you could ever need to sell your car and get a new one, including ways to buy online. Let our team help, and we’ll deal with all the paperwork so you can sell your car as soon as you’re ready.

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