Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles

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When it comes time to upgrade your vehicle to an environmentally-friendly EV or hybrid, start by comparing hybrid cars vs. electric cars with Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc.. While hybrid cars use both a gasoline motor and an electric motor, electric cars run on 100% electric power. So, which is the better fit for your Lexington and Winchester drives? Check out the difference between hybrid vs. electric cars in detail, below.



Hybrid vs. Electric Models: Getting to Know the Basics

We’ll check out the respective benefits of hybrid vs. electric cars in a bit. First, however, let’s establish a basic understanding of the differences between hybrid cars vs. electric cars.

Hybrid vs. Electric: Hybrid Cars

Here are some of the basics of hybrid vehicles:

  • Still technically gas-powered
  • A gas engine works in conjunction with a secondary electric motor
  • Offer significant improvements in gas mileage
  • Use a self-charging battery
  • Some are plug-in hybrids, which can be charged through a home wall charger and run on all-electric power for short periods

Hybrid vs. Electric: Electric Cars

An electric vehicle is different from a hybrid model in that it has no gas engine and runs entirely on electric power. So, what can you expect from an electric vehicle like the Bolt EUV? Here are some other key differences:

  • Only has a battery and an electric motor
  • Must be periodically plugged into a charger at your home or at a public charging station
  • The amount of charge determines the mileage you can drive

Hybrid vs. Electric Car: Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars are a good option for London drivers who want serious fuel savings without having to change their driving habits. Other hybrid benefits include the self-charging battery charges, the ability to stop and fuel up at any gas station, and a lower price than EVs.

When it comes down to it, if you have a lengthy commute or want the freedom to go on road trips without worrying about running out of power on the road, a hybrid vehicle is a reliable option! You can stop at any %Richmond-area gas station to fuel up quickly, just like you’re accustomed to with a traditional gas engine.

Hybrid vs. Electric Car: Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have some serious benefits: they can pack a punch thanks to their near-instantaneous torque, and completely eliminate the need for gasoline. Here are some of the other benefits: low or zero tailpipe emissions, quieter ride with no engine noise, no money spent on gas, fewer maintenance costs (no oil changes or engine upkeep), potential EV incentives based on your location, and flexible charging options, including home and public options.

Compare Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars at Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc.

When it comes time to explore the possibilities of a new hybrid and electric vehicle, visit our showroom to get started! Contact us to schedule a test drive or get your questions answered about your favorite models today.


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