What Is Chevy Teen Driver Technology?

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Chevy has some of the best cars for teen drivers thanks to its proprietary Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology. What does this mean for Richmond, KY and Berea families? It means that a number of easy-to-use technologies help reduce distractions and keep you in control of your Chevy vehicle. Jack Burford Chevrolet covers what this tech does in the safest cars for teen drivers. 


Teen Driver Technology: Standard Features 

Winchester and Irvine families can find Teen Driver Technology standard or available on any new Chevrolet vehicle. What does this exclusive technology do? 

  • Controlling Speed: You can set an audio and a visual warning for your teen driver with the Speed Warning feature. You can also be assured your teen driver isn’t going too fast by setting a Speed Limiter of up to 85 mph on Lexington highways. 
  • Controlling Noise: Parents know that young drivers need the utmost concentration when they’re on Somerset roads. The Audio Limit assures that they won’t turn the speaker system up too loudly and the Seat Belt Audio Mute function prevents the speaker system from working until everyone has their seatbelt in place! 

Teen Driver Technology: Advanced Features 

Those who want the very best cars for teen drivers can add the following features to their Chevy, both of which are industry-first add-ons. 

  • Buckle-to-Drive: When this feature is on, drivers who haven’t put on their seatbelt won’t be able to pull out of park for 20 seconds. Additionally, Buckle-to-Drive reminds the driver to buckle up with audio and visual alerts. 
  • In-Vehicle Report Card: Even if you can’t always be with your teen when they are driving through Nicholasville, this technology helps you know what’s going on with up-to-date information on their driving patterns and habits. 

The Safest Cars for Teen Drivers 

So, what are the safest cars for teen drivers? Not only does Teen Driver Technology give your teen driver important safeguards, standard and available safety features like Lane Change Alert, Forward Collision Warning, and more contribute to the overall safety of your Chevy vehicle. Get these features with: 

Find the Best Cars for Teen Drivers at Jack Burford Chevrolet! 

Teen Driver Technology combines with standard Chevy safety features to produce some of the best cars for teens in Richmond, KY! Jack Burford Chevrolet wants to help families be assured that their teen is in the safest possible vehicle. Contact us today to find out more about Chevy features and technologies! 

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