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Is your Chevrolet vehicle due for routine maintenance or in need of repairs? Don’t settle for just any Chevrolet service near you in Lexington. At Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc., our Chevy service center is staffed by Chevy certified technicians who have received special training to work on your model and model year. In addition, we use exclusively genuine OEM Chevy parts for all upgrades and repairs — so you can rest assured that your car is getting the care it needs to perform at its best.



Whether you’re looking for body work, brake service, or a new battery, we’ve got you covered. Fill out our online form to schedule service at our Chevrolet service center in Richmond, and check out our DIY car-care guide for expert tips and tricks!

Shop Genuine Chevy Parts & Accessories 

Why do we only stock OEM Chevy parts at our Chevrolet service center? Only genuine replacement parts are exact replicas of the originals, manufactured by Chevy to meet the same factory specs and high standards. You may be able to find generic aftermarket parts for a lower price, but there’s no guarantee that these parts will last — or that they won’t damage surrounding parts due to a sub-par fit. 

You can order OEM parts for us! Browse online for parts and components such as:

  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Oil Change Supplies
  • Engine and Transmission Components

Another benefit of choosing us over another Winchester-area Chevy service center? We offer a rotating selection of Chevrolet service offers and parts discounts, so keep checking back for great deals on the parts and services you need.

Looking to upgrade? Discover the full range of Chevy accessories like floor mats, roof racks, exterior decals, and more!

Oil Change Service in Richmond, KY 

Low oil levels or dirty oil can negatively impact your vehicle’s performance. Wondering how to check your oil or how often to schedule an oil change? Contact our Chevy service center today, and be sure to check our Chevrolet service coupons for oil change savings.

Tire Service in Richmond, KY 

It’s crucial that your tires make full contact with the road surface in order to maintain traction. That means regular tire rotation to prevent uneven tread wear, as well as proper pressure levels to keep your tires in great shape for as long as possible. Learn more about Chevy tires with our Tire Finder tool, or call our Chevrolet service center at (859) 353-0861.

Brake Service in Richmond, KY 

When your car is due for a brake inspection, you’ll receive the highest level of service from our experienced technicians, who may recommend quality new brakes — which we’ll install right here at our dealership.

Battery Service in Richmond, KY 

Hot and cold temperatures can tax your battery, so be sure to schedule battery service at the recommended intervals! We’ll help you to purchase and install a new battery if and when you need it.

Save With Chevrolet Service Coupons in Richmond 

From professional brake service to expert advice on your next DIY project, we’re here to help you get the most out of your Chevy vehicle. Our Chevrolet service center is conveniently located just down the road from London, so stop by the next time you’re looking for OEM replacement parts, reliable Chevy service, or genuine Chevy accessories.


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