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Why Buy Chevrolet OEM Parts?

Chevy under the hood

Wondering what replacement part to purchase for your next auto repair, or what parts we use at the Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc. service center when repairing your vehicle? The answer is always OEM Chevy parts! Why choose Chevrolet OEM parts over aftermarket parts? Genuine Chevy accessories and parts offer many benefits, from factory-standard quality to long-lasting durability. Find out more by reading on or contacting our parts team today.


What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Shopping for Chevy accessories or looking to replace Chevy parts for your Silverado, used Traverse, or Equinox in or around Lexington? You have two options: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. OEM Chevrolet accessories and parts are made by Chevy and must meet the same high standards as the originals. Aftermarket parts are produced by third-party manufacturers at a high volume to fit the specifications of a wide range of vehicles from different makes — not just Chevy models. For this reason, car manufacturers don’t recommend aftermarket parts. Though they’re often less expensive than OEM, they may not fit as well and often aren’t as high-quality.

Chevy OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Chevrolet OEM parts are made by the original equipment manufacturer so you know they’re built to last for all your Winchester drives. Plus, when you compare Chevrolet OEM parts vs. aftermarket parts, you’ll find that OEM parts provide these additional benefits:

  • Quality Without the Hassle: You won’t worry about comparing quality and price when buying OEM parts. Plus, you’ll get the appropriate part at a reasonable price without second-guessing or searching through an inordinate amount of parts.
  • Warranty Coverage: OEM GM parts and OEM Chevy parts are covered by a Limited Parts Warranty. Want to cut corners and use aftermarket parts? Doing so could put your warranty coverage at risk if it can be proven that the installation of an aftermarket part caused damage to your Chevy.

Here’s The Gist: OEM Chevy parts and Chevy accessories are crafted to the same high standards as the originals, offer warranty coverage, and are an exact fit for your vehicle. Rather than asking, “Why use Chevrolet OEM parts,” we’d ask “why not use Chevrolet OEM parts?”

Shop Chevrolet Parts Near Lexington

Looking for somewhere reliable to buy quality Chevy accessories and parts near London? Here at Jack Burford Chevrolet,inc. in Richmond, we’ve got your back! Browse our selection of OEM parts like brake pads, shocks, and more today. If you have questions along the way, just reach out. When it’s time to buy, be sure to check out our parts specials for more savings on quality Chevrolet parts.

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