How To Use Chevy Remote Start

November 17th, 2022 by

Chevrolet’s Remote Start feature is a convenient technology that lets you warm up the engine before getting into your vehicle. It’s usually accessible through your key fob, although you can also activate it with the My Chevrolet app on your phone. If you’re unsure how Remote Start works or want to learn more about it, our Chevy experts here at Jack Burford in Richmond, Kentucky, can help. We’ve put together a guide for you to follow.

How to use Chevy remote start

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The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that your car has Remote Start. Most Chevy vehicles have it, but some only make it available in higher trims. You can determine whether your car has Remote Start by looking for a curved arrow on your key fob. This is the Remote Start button, so if it’s not on your fob, your car won’t have it.

Let’s assume your vehicle has Remote Start. To activate it with your key fob, you must ensure you’re within 200 feet of your Chevy vehicle. Chevy requires you to press the lock button first to ensure that the doors are locked when the engine turns on, preventing someone else from getting into your car and driving off.

Press the lock button on your key fob before holding down the Remote Start button for at least four seconds. This should cause your lights to come on and the engine to start. Another reason for this sequence is that it prevents you from accidentally turning on your engine when your key fob is in your pocket.

An alternative way to activate Remote Start is through the My Chevrolet app. If you’ve already downloaded it and registered your vehicle, open the app and go to the key fob section. You’ll be presented with a list of functions that vary depending on the technology included in your vehicle. Select Remote Start, enter your PIN, and your engine will roar into life. With the My Chevrolet app, you may be able to start your engine when you’re further away than the 200-foot limit of your key fob.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Chevy Remote Start

When you turn on your engine using Remote Start, it’ll run for 15 minutes. The engine will automatically turn off if you don’t get into your car within that time. This feature is designed to conserve fuel. You can extend the length of time your engine will run by another 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Just repeat the same process with your key fob or My Chevrolet app within 30 seconds of your engine starting.

When your engine is turned on by Remote Start, your air conditioning will also start running. It’ll automatically return to the setting it was on when you previously drove your vehicle. This point is essential to remember if you want to use Remote Start to cool down your vehicle on a hot day or warm it up on a chilly morning. To have the desired effect, you’ll need to ensure that your air conditioning is set to the appropriate level before you leave your Chevy.

If you have other heated features in your vehicle, such as a heated steering wheel or ventilated seats, these may also be activated by Remote Start. You won’t have to get into a cold car on a chilly winter morning again once you’ve mastered this cool or hot piece of technology.

Once you’re ready to get into your Chevy after activating Remote Start, you’ll need to remember to unlock your doors using the key fob. When you’re inside, you’ll still need to push the ignition button before you can drive off since Remote Start doesn’t do this for you. After the ignition is activated, you can drive off as you would normally.

Some situations result in deactivating Remote Start for your safety. For example, if your vehicle’s hazard lights are on or the hood isn’t down, Remote Start won’t work. Remote Start is also disabled if your key fob is in the car.

If you’re having trouble using Remote Start and none of these scenarios apply, check that you’re not too far from your vehicle. If the problem persists, you can make an appointment at our Chevy service center so that one of our auto technicians can investigate further. You may have a problem with your key fob, or its battery may need replacing, which our parts center can help you with.

Buying a vehicle with Chevy Remote Start from Jack Burford

Most new Chevy vehicles have Remote Start among their features. In some cases, Remote Start may not be a standard feature but is only available with an infotainment package or in higher trims. If you’re unsure whether the sedan, crossover, or truck you’re considering has Remote Start, one of our sales team members will be happy to advise you.

To take just one example from Chevy’s current lineup, the Silverado 1500 doesn’t offer Remote Start as a standard feature in its base WT trim. To get Remote Start, you’ll need to step up to at least the Custom trim, the second level on the Silverado’s trim ladder.

Chevy has equipped many of its trucks, SUVs, and cars with Remote Start for several years so you may find a vehicle with this feature in our used car range. If you’re shopping for a pre-owned Chevy, you can explore the options in our certified pre-owned range and our used vehicle specials to secure a great deal.

As you can see, using Remote Start brings you many convenient benefits. If you still have questions about Remote Start or you’re having difficulties using it, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our Chevy service experts are familiar with performing key fob repairs and resolving other tech problems. All you need to do is schedule an appointment at our Richmond service center and let us take care of the rest.